Music & Sound Cultures Guest Talks

Exploring New Timbres in the Traditional Western Orchestra | MaSC talk with Dimitris Andrikopoulos The Music and Sound Cultures research group will […]

Electrofest 2022

Miroloifor amplified Flute Flute:Cristina Ioan ElectroFest Spring 2022 27 March 2022 The Arts CenterNYU Abu Dhabi

press kit

For further information or more publicity material please email me by clicking here biographical notes pdf downloadcoloured portrait downloadB & W portrait […]

4 Estações

The short film 4 Estações that I had the great pleasure writing the original score enters its Post-Production phase. Great performances by […]

Bauhaus and Greece

Finally out! Dimitris AndrikopoulosEsthir Lemi Nikos Skalkottas and the Bauhaus: A musical approach to the Bauhaus Kapon Editions (2021)

Diálogos da Teoria

Ciclo Diálogos da Análise, Composição e Performance Compositores improvisando sobre a Análise (mesa redonda)Carlos Azevedo, Dimitris Andrikopoulos e Paulo PerfeitoModeração: Igor Reina 2 de dezembro […]