Dimitris Andrikopoulos is a Greek composer based in Portugal.

His work output consists of instrumental and electroacoustic music as well as music for films and other artistic projects.
Currently his work focuses on the use of traditional east-Mediterranean instruments and their interaction with contemporary instrumental techniques and idioms.

Segment I
for string Quartet

Prominence I
for piano, Live Electronics and Fixed Media


4 Estações

The short film 4 Estações that I had the great pleasure
writing the original score enters its
Post-Production phase.

Great performances by
Ana Celeste Ferreira, Miguel Amaral and João Araujo Moutinho

Director: Carlos Coelho Costa
Screenplay: André Celho
Production: Megalito Media e Rising

Bauhaus and Greece

Finally out!

Dimitris Andrikopoulos
Esthir Lemi

Nikos Skalkottas and the Bauhaus: A musical approach to the Bauhaus

Kapon Editions (2021)