Music & Sound Cultures Guest Talks

Exploring New Timbres in the Traditional Western Orchestra | MaSC talk with Dimitris Andrikopoulos The Music and Sound Cultures research group will […]

Electrofest 2022

Miroloifor amplified Flute Flute:Cristina Ioan ElectroFest Spring 2022 27 March 2022 The Arts CenterNYU Abu Dhabi

4 Estações

The short film 4 Estações that I had the great pleasure writing the original score enters its Post-Production phase. Great performances by […]

Bauhaus and Greece

Finally out! Dimitris AndrikopoulosEsthir Lemi Nikos Skalkottas and the Bauhaus: A musical approach to the Bauhaus Kapon Editions (2021)

Diálogos da Teoria

Ciclo Diálogos da Análise, Composição e Performance Compositores improvisando sobre a Análise (mesa redonda)Carlos Azevedo, Dimitris Andrikopoulos e Paulo PerfeitoModeração: Igor Reina 2 de dezembro […]

Tocata & Fuga

The documentary by Jorge Campos “Tocata & Fuga, The days of Mario Claudio” that I had the great pleasure writing the original […]