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“Revelations” for Choir and Ensemble (2019)

“Itiraf” (Karsu / Andrikopoulos) Transcription for Wind Ensemble and Voice (2019)

“I stare the stars that are over the ocean..” for Soprano Saxophone and Vibraphone (2019)

“Four Children Night Miniatures” for Flute, Violin, Violoncelo and Piano (2019)

“Solo for Two” for two Percussionists (2018)

“Once I Entered a Garden” (Asmahan / Andrikopoulos) Transcription for Wind Ensemble and Mediterranean traditional Instruments (2017)

“Σε λίγο που ο αέρας θα γίνει πιο ψυχρός...” for Ensemble (2017)

“Segment I” for String Quartet (2017)

“In Luminis” for Violoncelo and Piano (2016)

“Tocata e Fuga: Os Dias de Mário Cláudio” Film-score (2016)

“Lines”for Saxophone orchestra (2016)

“Apneia” for Saxophone and Fixed Media (2016)

“” for two Vibraphones, Crotals and two Pianos (2016)

“Traces” for Ensemble and Fixed Media (2015)

“Fechar o Tempo” Sound instalation for the photograpphy exibition of Olívia de Silva (2015)

“Mau Mau Maria” Film-score (2014)

“Cantus II” for String Orquestra and Percussion (2014)

“Now, I am become Death... II” for Percussion and Electronics (2014)

“Now, I am become Death... I” for Violin, Fixed Media, Real time electronics and Video (2014)

"Nocturne" for Soprano Saxophone, Tuba and Vibraphone(2012)

"21 kHz | Portraits of Crisis" Music for film (2012)

"Metamorfoses" Music for ballet for Violin, Bass Clarinet and Electronics (2012)

"Music for the film Martin Sarmento" Music for the film Martin Sarmento (2012)

"Anathema I" for Contra-Bass Tuba and Accordion (2011)

"Clamor" for Portuguese Guitar and Electronics (2011)

"Music for the film Nadir Afonso" Music for the film Nadir Afonso: The time does not exist (2011)

"Prominence" for Piano and Electronics (2011)

"7 Preludes for a Silent Pianist" Performance for Piano and Electronics (2011)

"Metamorphoses I" for Ensemble (2010)

"Shirley Valentine" for Soprano and Harpsichord (2009)

"Apólogo a D. Silvana" for 2 Trumpets,3 Saxophones, 2 Trombones and 6 Percussionists (2008)

"Illuminations" for Violin, Viola,Violoncello, Piano and Percussion (2008)

"Gazela de la Muerte Oscura" for Mezzo Soprano, Accordion and String Quartet (2007)

"Reenquadrar " for Ensemble, Jazz Trio and Electronics (2007)

"Red to Black " Version for Bass Clarinet and Piano (2007)

"Danza del Viento" Two Orchestrations for Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Jordi Savall (2006)

"Komachi " for Female Voice and Accordion (2006)

"Concerto for Violoncello and Ensemble " for Violoncello and Ensemble (2006)

"Red to Black " for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2005)

"Nyx " for Orchestra (2005)

"Des Knaben Wunderhorn". Revision of the previous arrangement (2004)

"Cassandra's Tales" for Oboe/E.Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon and Tape (2004)

"Staal" Ballet for four track Tape (2004)

"Ik " for Clarinet Solo and Ensemble (2004)

"Shadows IIIa " for Orchestra (2004)

"Cantus I " for Percussion and Piano (2003)

"Shadows III " for Ensemble (2003)

"Shadows II " for small Orchestra (2003)

"Ariadne" for Soprano, Cello and Live Electronics (2003)

"Eos" for Piano and Live Electronics (2002-2003)

"3 Michelangelo Songs". Transcription of H. Wolf songs for Baritone and Piano, for Baritone, 2 Violas, 2 Celli and D. Bass (2002)

"Praxis Ia" for Solo Violin (2002)

"Bati no portao do tempo perdido" for Violin, Soprano Saxophone,Percussion, Piano and Live Electronics (2002)

"Z(s)and" Music for a dance production for Stereo Tape (2002)

"12 Songs based on Japanese Haiku Poetry " for Soprano and Ensemble (Flute,Clarinet,Piano, Percussion, Violin, Cello) (2002)

"Antiparathesis" for Violin and orchestra (2000-2001)

"Fladermuis". Transcription of the Operetta of J. Strauss "Der Fledermauss" for a music theatre production for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, D. Bass, Cymbalon, Accordion, 4 Singers and actors (2001)

"12 Songs based on Japanese Haiku Poetry " for Soprano and Piano (2001)

"Des Knaben Wunderhorn". Orchestration of 4 Songs from the same Cyclus for Voice and Piano, orchestrated for Voice and Ensemble (Wind Quintet, Piano, Harmonium, 2 Percussions and String Quintet)(2001)

"Des Knaben Wunderhorn". Arrangement of 14 Mahler's Songs for Orchestra and Voice,for Voice and Ensemble (Wind Quintet, Piano, Harmonium, 2 Percussions and String Quintet) (2001)

"Nuances of Blue" for Soprano, Live Electronics and Dance (2000)

"Praxis III", for Bassoon and Piano (2000)

"Praxis II", for Tape (1999)

"Praxis I", for solo Clarinet (1998)

"Gia Piangi nel Dolore". Arrangement for double wind Quintet of a madrigal of Gessualdo di Venoce (1998)

"De Profundis" for Piano, Organ, Percussion and Mixed Choir (1997)

"Tango for five". Music for theatre for 2 Violins, D. Bass, Piano, Harpsichord (1997)

"Versus Volante" for Ensemble (Fl., Ob., Cl.in B., Bsn., Hrn.in F, Trmp.in B, Trmbn., Piano, Perc.,2 Violins, Viola, Cello, D. Bass) (1996)

"String Quartet " (1996)

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